The Australian Will Register

What is the Australian Will Register™

The Australian Will Register™ is an integral component of the Will-making journey, emphasizing the importance of selecting a registry with impeccable credentials. Serving as the initial point of inquiry, it addresses the diverse challenges surrounding Wills, mitigating the risk of estate distribution on assumed intestacy grounds. The register's growth attests to its efficacy in ensuring the discoverability of Wills, safeguarding beneficiaries, and providing a transparent solution for confirming and locating vital testamentary documents.

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Mission and Vision for Certainty:

To allow people and their solicitors to store a certified copy of their Wills and a record of the location of the original Will, to enable the Will maker access to that certified copy as well as providing a public search facility to ascertain whether a person has made a Will or search for a missing Will. To be the first place of enquiry to securely store a certified copy your Will with the location of the original Will and the first place of enquiry to find out if a Will has been made.

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